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 Another year is past and along with that, another election.  I would like to thank all of you for your faith in me to continue to run our town.

Even though we have not had much snow so far I hope you have all had a chance to see our new Western Star plow.   This purchase was made possible by the revenue from our wind mills. We now are all set to be on a ten year plan, meaning that every ten years we will be able to replace a truck.  As we found out with the Volvo, it makes more sense for us to sell our used equipment ourselves instead of using it for a trade.  We are able to provide another town with equipment that they need for a good price and we get a better deal buying without the trade, as we found out with our newest purchase.

We purchased a piece of property in the center of town from Bill Moffett this year.  Bill’s house had suffered a fire and he decided to not repair or rebuild in our town.  He came to me and asked if we would be interested in the property and after discussing with the board it was a definite yes.  We have made arrangements with Oneida/Herkimer Solid Waste to have them tear down and remove the house and shed.  We will be turning part of the property into a much needed parking lot and we will also be creating an access path to another piece of town property.  The town owns approximately 3 acres of field behind the ball field that we have not been able to utilize.  By purchasing this property we will finally be able to gain access to the field.  We are still tossing around ideas on what to do with it but I definitely will be researching grant opportunities to help upgrade the area once we have decided.

We replaced the shutters and repaired the foundation at the church this past year.  We replaced the roof and the historical society had some electrical work done, making it easier for them when they are holding dinners.  At the rec hall we painted, installed new lights, a new ceiling, insulated, installed some more outlets inside, a generator outlet outside, and a new light in the parking lot.  We also have installed a spotlight to light our flag pole.  We will be looking into replacing the furnace to a more energy efficient model but that will not be done until late 2012 or early 2013.

I would like to close by wishing all of you a happy and healthy New Year.  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our town, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are all here to do the very best job for all of you that we can.


                                                                                                                Judy Gokey

                                                                                                                Town Supervisor