October 11, 2018 Supervisor – Judy Gokey
Council – Gary Snyder
Craig Gillespie
Perry Siver
Scott Crossett
Hwy. Super – Howard Eaton
Town Clerk – Lora Grower
Historical – Janet Burt

Town Resident – Charles Sternberg

Motion made by C. Gillespie and seconded by C. Siver for meeting to come to order at
6:59 pm.


Motion made by C. Snyder and seconded by C. Crossett to waive reading of last month’s minutes.

Motion made by C. Snyder and seconded by C. Siver to accept minutes as written.

Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Siver to accept reports.

Motion made by C. Siver and seconded by C. Crossett to pay bills
General # 100-109 $3,365.40
Highway #146-160 $13,209.90
Recreation #1-3 $829.10

The State of New York requires that we adopt a sexual harassment policy. They have sent us a model we can use.
Motion made by C. Siver and seconded by C. Crossett to adopt the policy sent by the State.

Charles Sternberg was in attendance tonight. He stated that the cemetery association for the state will be at our next meeting so the cemetery can be turned over to the town. There will be a public comment at 5:30 and we will meet the state at the town office at 6:15pm this will be held on the 8th of November.

Our first payment on the new truck will be June 1, 2019 in the amount of 35,595.00.

Pg. 2
Resolution #5
Budget transfer

Whereas, the town of Norway town board discussed the idea of moving Money to balance our 2019 budget we were short $3,000.00. If the money isn’t moved we will have to override our tax cap.

Resolved, the board has decided it would be on the best interest of the town to move money from our reserve fund to A1950.0 contingency in the amount of $20,000.00

Motion made by C. Gillespie and seconded by C. Crossett to offer the above resolution.

Judy Gokey AYE
Gary Snyder AYE
Craig Gillespie AYE
Perry Siver AYE
Scott Crossett AYE

Voting passed by a quorum. The above resolution is hereby adopted on this 11th day of October 2018.
I have here unto set forth my hand and the seal of the town.

We will be holding our public budget meeting on October 18, 2018 at 6 pm. immediately following we will hold our sexual harassment class.
Motion made by C. Snyder and seconded by C. Crossett to accept time and date for public hearing and sexual harassment training.

Judy went to a meeting with the historical society last week to discuss what will be done with the grant money. Judy stated that it was decided to go with water and septic. Research needs to be done before anything can happen. We will need an engineer come in and see if this is possible. If it is we need three bids because the cost will be over $3,000.00
Janet would like to do the siding too but it will be expensive because the Historical society would like to keep it Historical. Janet stated that they had a price from Aron Dewy of $44,000.00.
The board said we will have to get Frank to do some work on this.
Discussion also took place on buying an outdoor bathroom like the ones F.E.M.A. uses except ours would be a permanent structure.
This has been tabled until next month.

Pg. 3

Discussion took place on the Newport Fire budget for 2019
They want to raise the budget by 14.23 %. Judy and the board felt this was too big of a raise. Judy asked any board members who are free to please attend their public hearing on October 16, 2018 at 7 pm.

Janet Burt stated that the Historical calendars for 2019 will be available soon.
They will also be holding their Harvest bake sale on the 26th of October at M AND T bank.
She also stated that they will be changing their election dinner to include homemade soups and sandwiches. Judy is going to check with the state and ask if they can use the kitchen end of the Recreation building and the election will be on other end of building a divider will be put up to separate the two.

There was a moment of silence for Wayne Haver.

Motion made by c. Crossett and seconded by C. Gillespie for meeting to adjourn at 8:12 pm.

Next meeting November 8, 2018 at 7 pm

Respectfully submitted by
Lora Grower/ Town Clerk