August 8, 2019

Supervisor: Judy Gokey

Council: Gary Snyder

Craig Gillespie

Perry Siver

Scott Crossett

Hwy. Super: Howard Eaton

Town Clerk: Lora Grower

Legislator: Fred Shaw

Historical: Janet Burt

Motion made by C. Siver and seconded by C. Crossett for meeting to open at 6:59PM.


Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Gillespie to waive reading of last month’s minutes.

Motion made by C. Snyder and seconded by C. Siver to accept minutes as written.

There were no reports this month.

Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Snyder to pay bills.
General #79-85 $1.997.65
Highway #99-112 $13,950.55

The survey of the Edwards land is complete it works out to be 1.71 acres.
The board is in agreement with this.
A map will be provided to Gordon Edwards for review they will need to sign and date the map in order for us to proceed with the lawyer.

Howard mentioned to the board that the D.E.C. has contacted him they want to test the soil behind the town barn something to do with the tanks that were removed 31 years ago. They want to know if the ground water has been contaminated.

Discussion took place on the health care. We are paid until the end of September.
Judy is going to check with M.V.P.
The board asked if we could consolidate with the County or another town, but the County will not do that.
We have Thrive pass with our Insurance, we are supposed to have cards for this, but they keep telling Judy they don’t have enough information.
Howard and Stanley will be reimbursed for any and all outstanding medical expense.

P.G 2

Janet Burt updated the board on some upcoming events with the Historical society.

Fred Shaw updated the board with happening on the County level.

Reappointment of town assessor will take place next month. Judy will contact Dave Mckerrow to see if he is still interested in the position.

Ambulance update took place.
They figured us at a 100% assessed value it works out to be $46,000.00 from our town, this wouldn’t change after our reval.
The ambulance group basically said if this isn’t paid from the towns they would be forced to close, but we can’t afford this amount, it would raise taxes by 22%.
We don’t want to see them close.
The board had several questions. Gary seems to think somewhere in the near future we may be mandated to have an ambulance.

Short discussion took place on the wind tower that has not been running.
14 feet of the blade snapped off and was thrown into the woods.
Work is taking place to be able to set up the crane to replace the blades.

Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Gillespie for meeting to adjourn at 8:06pm.

Next meeting September 12, 2019 at 7pm

Respectfully submitted by Lora Grower/ Town Clerk