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The Heart of Herkimer County

The town was permanently settled around 1787 after an abandoned effort in 1786. Norway was formed in 1792 immediately after the creation of Herkimer County. Norway was originally a very large town, and it was subsequently broken up, directly or indirectly, into about thirty-six new towns in several counties. In Herkimer County, the Towns of Fairfield (1796), Russia (1806), Ohio (1823), Wilmurt (now defunct), and Webb (1836) were made by dividing Norway. Part of Newport was taken from Norway in 1806. The creation of Oneida County, Lewis County, Clinton County, Hamilton County, and St. Lawrence County from Herkimer County accounts for the remaining towns derived from Norway. In 1825, the town's population was 1,168.


Supervisor - Judy Gokey / Town Clerk - Lora Grower / Codes Enforcer - Frank Ceneviva

Town Board - Scctt Crossett - Perry Siver - Craig Gillespie - Gary Snyder

Codes Enforcer - Frank Ceneviva / Planning Board Chair - Lauren Watson

Highway Superintendent - Howard Eaton

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