April 11, 2018

Supervisor: Judy Gokey

Council: Gary Snyder

Craig Gillespie

Perry Siver

Scott Crossett

Hwy. Super: Howard Eaton

Town Clerk: Lora Grower


Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Snyder for meeting to open at 6:53 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Motion made by C. Gillespie and seconded by C.Crossett to waive reading of last month’s minutes.

Motion made by C. Gillespie and seconded by C. Siver to accept minutes as written.

Motion made by C. Snyder and seconded by C. Crossett to accept reports.

Motion made by C. Siver and seconded by C. Crossett to pay bills
General #40-46 in the amount of $2,122.10
Highway #44-60 in the amount of $13,970.34

Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Siver to accept snow contract with County.

Discussion took place on a salt shed at the town barn.
Howard told the board he dug a breach years ago the excess salt runs into that and into the ditch, he did this right after he took office.
Howard explained that if the salt is kept in a shed separate from sand then the sand freezes and it can’t be scooped into. Howard spoke with another superintendent about grant money for a salt shed or a retainer wall.
Judy suggested that we have the D.E.C. come up and write up a report, to see if what we have done is legal or if we need to do something else.

Discussion took place on the wind tower Lawyer. Scott Crossett recussed himself from the discussion. Bernard Melewski felt that there was no need to keep him on retainer any longer, that our town lawyer should be able to handle things such as decommissioning letter.

P.G. 2
Judy will ask Mark Rose if he can handle this and also ask Bernard if something big comes up if he would be available to us. This has been tabled until next month.

Kuyhoora Ambulance was in attendance to discuss the idea of forming an ambulance district. They would like two town officials from each town to attend meetings.
They will be using Terry Hannigan as their lawyer.
They stated that there is only enough money to keep the ambulance open about another year. Their budget runs about $200,000.00 a year and they only bring in about $175,000.00 in Insurance money.
They stated that they pay a paramedic and a driver five days a week.
They’ve changed insurance carriers and everything to save money.
They talked about equipment and how a lot of it needs replacing and the cost is just too much.
Their goal is to staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 2 person crew. 1 crew paid around the clock 12 hour shifts. They would hire about 8 people.
If a district is formed it would show up on tax bills as a line item just like with the Fire Company and Library. In order to do this there would have to be public meetings.
Representatives from the town will attend meetings pertaining to this.
Judy asked them where we could get grant money for a defibulator at the town barn since we are so remote. They told her to check with Mid state.

Motion made by C. Crossett and seconded by C. Gillespie for meeting to adjourn at 8:09 pm.

Next meeting May 9, 2019 at 7 pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Lora Grower/ Town Clerk